My Two Current Phone Numbers (1-20-2013)

I have a cell number now that supposedly works… 315-542-8674.

The above number is for the Smart Phone that I have been using to blog with. The phone side of this device finally works.

My sister Laurie’s land line is 518-438-3709.
She has an answering machine, and I don’t pick her phone up unless I hear someone talking and I know it is for me.

I would love to talk to U2 sometime today or very soon.

It would ***Greatly Help Us3*** to be in contact by telephone, and work out a plan to join up somewhere. It would also help us in regard to a number of other things, even if our enemies “listen”.

Allen Darman


Allen Darman Now Has Picture ID But Will Not Get On A Train Without Knowing He Will Get Picked Up On The Other End (1-23-2013)

According to Allen…

“It would still be better for at least two people to come to Albany first in order to retrieve me safely.”

“If no one shows up by the first of February, or I am not contacted by phone, my best option appears to be to pay my sister Laurie rent, and try to buy a used Apple computer so I have far more online time than I do now.”

“These are still very dangerous times for all of my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Members and I.  They are especially dangerous times for the persons that live in San Francisco, and that have recently been repeatedly subjected to poison gas in an attempt to murder them.”

“The Most Important Job that all of my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Members and I Have At All Times Is To Simply Stay Alive.”

“Those that have been helping me and have been getting gassed, are ALWAYS WELCOME HERE AS LONG AS I AM HERE AT 201 Hollywood Ave. In Albany NY. If you come here we would be Safe, and could then sort out the question of Where Do We Go From Here?”

“I sorely long for the face-to-face company of those helping me. I would love to live with these people and fight as a Team. I am dying to smoke a joint with my Fellow Revolutionaries.  However, I don’t want to get killed trying to make this event happen. My Motto is Safety First, especially after the first failure of trying to connect with my WordPress helpers in early May of 2012.”

“America is in Deep Trouble and So Few Are Aware. Even Fewer Are Aware of the Mafias’ heavy handedness in trying to stop us from Developing and Spreading the Truth. We Are On the Verge of Losing Internet Freedom in America, if we have not already done so. All four members of my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team are aware of this. We have a Story of Critical Importance that has yet to be adequately heard. It is our job to make this happen.”

Allen Darman Prays To God All Four Of Us Survive This If U2 Fall Mark And Myself Are In Big Trouble And If Allen Darman Falls All Of You Three Are In Big Trouble As Well (1-22-2013)

I hope U2 have local resources that will help you with your ongoing battle there. You may need them soon.

I live day by day here. I am Thankful I am not being gassed, but it is of great concern to me that you two repeatedly are.

You two (I am assuming two) are Extraordinary Human Beings for having joined me in this fight, and for having stuck with me through this.

I Cannot Thank You People Enough!

Someone Has To Carry The Torch And Fight For The Truth, and I guess God chose us!

Keep the Faith, and Hang In There!

Some Great Good Is Going To Come Out Of “What We Did”.

Allen Darman

Allen Darman Can Not Thank You Two Enough For Helping Me (1-18-2013)

I love u2 more than u will ever know.

It does Not Matter Who U2 R,
What Matters Is What U2 Have
Heroically Done For All Humanity, and
Especially What U2 Have Done 4 Me!

Thank u so much! 4 Everything u2 do!!!!!

Hang In There! God Is In This Picture!

And So Is Google And Jim Humble!

Things Are Going To Turn Out Fine.

Thank God!

(((Giant Hugs)))

Allen Darman aka 420SmokeMasterAllenD!

Allen Darman Finds It Ironic That While President Obama Is Being Sworn In My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Is Fighting For Its Freedom And Its Life Vs. The United States Federal Government And The Mafia Too (1-21-2013)

Posted on January 21, 2013

Tweetable Link of this We3pickHypomanic420Fun WordPress Blog:


What More Can I Say? other than “All it does is Spew Out Lies!”

Allen Darman

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Warning! Adult420XXX Content With Love Attached! From Your 420SmokeMasterAllenD: Nite Nite U2 Lesbian 420Sub Sweet Cherry Pies!!! Have Some 420CuddleAndNibbleFun!!! I Hope U2 420Smokey Serf Bears Do Not Get Gassed While I Sleep! (1-17-2013)

We3 have So Much 2 Be Thankful 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And We3 Have So Many People 2 Thank For Their!!!
Helping Us!!! In One Way Or Another!!!

Smoke Some Good Pot!!! MORE NOW!!!

Get Real Stoned Yoga Style!!!

Get Real Stoned!! Completely Naked!!!


Sitting Submissive!!! Yoga Style!!!
Naked On the Floor On A Big Clean Towel!!!!!

With a Freshly Loaded Bong!
A Lighter!
And Something to drink!
Close By Each Of U2!!!

Suck Down Great Big Bong Hits!!!
Every One Of Them!!!
And Hold Them As Long As U Possibly Can!!!
While Your Partner Holds And Lights the Bong 4 U!!!

Also Smoke Another Way 4 Me Sometimes!!!
For Me Your 420Master!!!
In This Way You Hold Your Own Lighter!
Your Partner Holds Your Bong For You
With One Hand!
And Your Partner’s Other Hand Holds
The Back Of Your Head,
Pulling Your Head Down On the Bong!
***Forcing Your MOUTH DOWN*** On
***THE BONG U Are Lighting***
***At HER COMMAND!!! 2 DO SO!!!***
***TO TAKE A Real BIG HIT for her!!!***
***To Smoke Some More for her!!!***
***SHE TELLS U 2 SMOKE 4 HER!!***.

Get Real Stoned!!!
This Way!!!
Yoga Style!!!
Knees Touching!!!
And See What Happens! Afterwards!
Tell Me All About It Tomorrow!!!

Do This!!!

4 Your 420SmokeMasterAllenD!!!Me!!!

That is An ORDER!!!

I will dream of u2!

Nite Nite Sweetie Pies!

I ORDER U2 2 Eat the Hell Out Of Each Other!!!
Both Real Stoned And Smoking Even More!!!
See ya Tomorrow!

420SmokeMasterAllenD Is Preparing For The Soon 2 Be Arrival Of My Two Heroic Lesbian 420Submissive WordPress Serf Bears! And Obedient 420Slaves! (1-12-2013)

You Two Lesbian 420submissive!!!
Slaves! And WordPress Serf Bears!!!
Will have Your Own Bedroom!!!
With a Hardwired
Broadband Internet Connection!
For the Duration of Your Stay Here,
However Long or Short It May Be.

Essentially My Bedroom
Just Got Converted to Yours!
All It Really Needs Is
A $40 Oil Filled Noiseless Electric Heater,
A Few New Blinds,
And Perhaps A Wider Mattress.
(I will do what I can in these regards.)

I am in the process of
“Making myself another temporary use
Bedroom in this house”,
as well as doing what I can
To straighten out
Some of the mess around here out.

There is a bathroom upstairs.

The biggest negative I see is
When my sister is sleeping,
Quiet will have to be maintained,
as her Bedroom shares a Wall with Yours.

My temporary sleeping/working room
Is going to be real rough,
But it will be in the cellar,
Where we can make all the noise we want!!!
(within reason, of course).

Another option for us is
An Extended Stay America Suite somewhere,
but I don’t have the dough for this.

I Don’t Think We Will be Here
On the East Coast That Long,
Perhaps until my next
Social Security Disability Money arrives
On the first of February.

I greatly look forward to
The Safe Arrival of U2 to
201 Hollywood Avenue, Albany New York!

God and Google are on our side!
I trust that their Presence will get U2 here Safely!
And Fairly Soon!

Allen Darman


Puff Puff Pass!

Your 420SmokeMasterAllenD!