Google Is Helping U2 Lesbian 420Subs As Best As They Can At The Present Time; It Is Time For U2 To Come To Albany New York ASAP (1-17-2013)

The Web Presence for U2 under the Google Search for *lesbian 420subs* or *lesbian 420sub* (I forget whether I used the plural with an “s” or not, but I think I used the “s”.) goes back THIRTY FULL PAGES ON U2 On the Smart Phone I Am Using!

Such a Search Result is Unheard of In the Entire History of the Internet.

In Allowing Such a Dominance In Regard to this Search Result, Google IS ESSENTIALLY ANNOUNCING TO THE MAFIA, THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, AND THE WORLD THAT “They Are Aware Of You And Your Plight”.

If You Two Are Messed With In Any Way On Your Way To Me, the Mafia and Our Federal Government Are Going To Have To Deal With My Wrath, and the Wrath Of Google.

There is little likelihood “We Can Own Such A Search Result Forever”. NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE A TRAIN RIDE OR PLANE RIDE TO Albany NY.

Allen Darman


Puff Puff Pass!


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