Allen Darman Prays To God All Four Of Us Survive This If U2 Fall Mark And Myself Are In Big Trouble And If Allen Darman Falls All Of You Three Are In Big Trouble As Well (1-22-2013)

I hope U2 have local resources that will help you with your ongoing battle there. You may need them soon.

I live day by day here. I am Thankful I am not being gassed, but it is of great concern to me that you two repeatedly are.

You two (I am assuming two) are Extraordinary Human Beings for having joined me in this fight, and for having stuck with me through this.

I Cannot Thank You People Enough!

Someone Has To Carry The Torch And Fight For The Truth, and I guess God chose us!

Keep the Faith, and Hang In There!

Some Great Good Is Going To Come Out Of “What We Did”.

Allen Darman

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